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5 Most Common Reasons For Foundation Repair


Do you know how to recognize if your house needs a foundation repair?

In this post, we’ll help you to identify the top five warning signs that you may have a foundation problem.

1 – Uneven floors

Uneven floors

Have you noticed that your floor is uneven?  Unleveled floors are a clear sign of a foundation problem. If you notice that your floor has sunk, separating from the doors or skirting boards, you may need to check if everything is okay with your foundation.


2 – Cracks appearing in walls.

Cracks appearing in walls.

Have you noticed cracks appearing in your walls? Cracks in a wall are often caused by a foundation problem. Pay special attention to the area above doorways and windows, and where the walls meeting the ceiling, as the cracks will usually start from here. If you notice any cracks appearing, ask for someone specialized in foundation problems to check them out.


3 – Displaced or cracked moldings

Displaced or cracked moldings

Do you feel as if all your moldings need hammering back in place? You may be able to straighten them up this way, but displaced or cracked moldings could be a sign of a foundation problem. Get someone check out your foundation before you fix the moldings, or the problem will likely return.


4 – Doors and windows sticking

Doors and windows sticking

Are you having problems opening and closing your doors or windows? An early indicator of changing foundation is windows and doors that stick and fail to open or close with ease. Have your foundation inspected before you start replacing your windows and doors, and make sure you’re not repairing the wrong problem.


5- Crack floors

Crack floors

Is your floor cracking or bulging, spoiling the look of your home? Cracked or bulging floors are another sign of a foundation problem, and you’ll want to get this repaired before replacing all your tiles.


If you have noticed signs of a foundation problem in your home, then you should arrange for a structural engineer to inspect it and provide yours with an evaluation. Remember, proactive solutions are usually less costly than reactive ones. If you are even in need of a foundation specialist, we at HBA are at your service.


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