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The truth about paid search in Kansas City Foundation Repair

Did you know Foundation Repair in Kansas City is an incredibly competitive market?

Considering zero as the minimum and one as the maximum, according to SEMRush, the competition for: “Foundation Repair Kansas City” keyword is 0.91, a very high number for this metric. Companies are paying up to $56.60 every time someone clicks on one of those sponsored links with keywords “foundation repair Kansas City” or even more, paying $72.03 per click (0.96 competition), when people search for ” Kansas City foundation repair “? Yeah, it’s crazy.

Basement Remodeling: Why investing in an EGRESS WINDOW? – HBA KC

Turn your dark basement in a sun-filled space by investing in an EGRESS WINDOW.

Required by law for safety issues, an egress window can provide you with many other benefits like natural light and ventilation, adding comfort and value to your extra space. Rooms that are used for sleeping need an opening for emergency escapes or rescues. An egress window fits the legal requirements and is the least expensive option available. Although this type of openness is not a requirement for other remodeling basement projects such as a home office, gym, game room, or family room, it is still a good idea to include an exit window in the building. You’ll be glad of the flexibility it allows in case you want to change the purpose of the room one day – or use it as an occasional guest room at the time.


Basement Remodeling: 6 Ideas to transform your basement into a value room

Don’t let your dark and messy basement stop you from turning your precious space into something of value.

Basements, more often than not, are cast aside as catchall rooms. However, with a little primping, the basement can evolve into the extra space you’ve always wanted.

Actually, in areas with higher property values, such as Kensington in London, digging down is the only option. In fact, people can usually double the value of their home by add one or two more floors. Here in the Midwest, all you would have to do is finish your existing basement.

Foundation Repair: Installation of a Push Pier


Foundation Repair involves many processes, and, one of them is the “Push Piers”

Push Piers are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve settlement problems. It can be installed inside or outside your foundation walls and are not visible once the repair is complete. Because push piers are driven all the way to bedrock or a stable soil layer, they are often the least risky solution when local soil conditions are unknown.

Take a look in the video above, they show the process of the Installation of a Push Pier to enable the construction of a swimming pool on a ground threatened by slope movement and fill settlement.


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