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Basement Repair - Common Doubts

Why does my basement leak?

To help you understand the natural causes and building mistakes that cause your basement to leak, we designed an illustrated presentation. Click here to download it!

Can the dry weather also cause damages to my basement? (infographic)


How does push piers work? (infographic)


How is the best way to waterproof a basement? (infographic)

It depends on the issue. We tweak each service to specifically fit your needs. On top of that, we have certified Project Managers who visit your house and discuss the best solutions with you.


How does water enter my basement?

Water has many methods of entry: Over the top of the foundation wall, through a cavity in your walls, or from under the floor. All of these are common occurrences. Fortunately, our Projects Managers are trained to examine all possible angles to make this sure this problem is solved for good.

Should I extend my downspouts and have my yard slope away from my home?

Directing water away from your house is never a bad idea. Solely depending on such a thing to solve your problem, however, is a bad idea. There are usually many factors that contribute to basement water seepage.

How do I know if I should be concerned about the structural integrity of my house?

The easiest tools to use for determining if your house is in need of structural repair are your senses. Look around for any cracks. Pay attention to doors or windows that are becoming increasingly harder to open or close. Uneven floors, foundation cracks, faulty looking exterior brick, and other warning signs are all things that a Project Manager should take a look at.

I have a crack in my foundation wall. Does that need to be repaired?

All cracks are grounds for water seepage. After a while, the water will erode a crack and weaken a foundation. Fixing your cracks quickly is the best solution.

I have noticed a musty smell in my upstairs living space, could my damp basement or crawlspace be contributing to that?

Yes, actually, the large portion of breathable air  in your house usually comes from the basement.  The cause of that smell could, in the future, cause long and short term breathing problems if the issue is not addressed. Our Project Managers are trained to make sure they pick the proper dehumidification system to fit your property’s needs.

What is the white powder that I see on my foundation walls?

Efflorescence is the proper name of the powder. Efflorescence is a small lime deposit that is seen as a warning sign of moisture problems in the basement.

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