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The truth about paid search in Kansas City Foundation Repair

Did you know Foundation Repair in Kansas City is an incredibly competitive market?

Considering zero as the minimum and one as the maximum, according to SEMRush, the competition for: “Foundation Repair Kansas City” keyword is 0.91, a very high number for this metric. Companies are paying up to $56.60 every time someone clicks on one of those sponsored links with keywords “foundation repair Kansas City” or even more, paying $72.03 per click (0.96 competition), when people search for ” Kansas City foundation repair “? Yeah, it’s crazy.

Beyond those websites that publish lists like: “10 best foundation repair companies” or “Top 5 Kansas City foundation repair contractors”, others are sponsored by at least one of the companies mentioned in the respective article. Not to mention numerous other paid strategies that businesses use to be best ranked on Google and other relevant websites.

All of these are marketing strategies, and we are not here to judge companies that pay to be better positioned in the market, after all, “who is not seen, is not remembered,” right?

Our concern is with the false scenario that these strategies are creating to the public. Mostly likely the “10 best …” here, “top 5 …” ends up confusing those who are looking for basement repair services with, not “wrong” but, less than thorough information.  


Many times consumers are lead to pay more for services that have equal quality or even lower quality than that of foundation repair company nearest to the top.

The goal here is not to disqualify any company in the industry, but rather to help to guide you find a good service without the illusions of the paid search.

If you are facing:

  • Dirty or stained concrete
  • Damp concrete
  • A cracked or broken foundation
  • Tipping walls
  • Cracked or broken edges

we have some tips for you to close a good deal:

  • Look for thorough detail on companies’ websites
  • Call and evaluate their knowledge before scheduling a visit
  • Ask references from other customers (a single call can be the most useful)
  • Opinions and experience from friends and acquaintances are always valid to expedite this process
  • Request at least two quotes
  • Ask each provider to give you the pros and con of the other’s process.

With these tips, you should be able to figure out who you can trust to be there for you ten years later if there is every a problem. Every foundation is a bit different, from the soil to the original construction.

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